Dinner Decadence

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of dining with a great group of individuals where the theme of the night was decadence and culninary delights.  Laine Valin, from Summerhill Market, was our chef du soir showcasing all the freshest ingredients for the evening.

The evening started with a luxurious cheese board where 2 of the 4 cheeses were infused with truffles! There was also a smoked rare duck breast for us to nibble on. I had started salivating from the moment he mentioned truffles.

Next up with seared ahi tuna on a seaweed kale salad with a drizzle of spicy mayo. Seaweed salad is one of my favourites as it's healthy and I love the rubbery texture of it. When it comes to fish, I love anything rare for their freshness and smooth texture. However, I found my tuna a bit stringy and hard to eat. Laine quickly explained that the piece I was eating was the tuna belly and there's a lot more marbling there causing the texture to be sinewy. I find it ironic that in Japanese cuisine, you will pay a premium for 'toro' commonly know as fatty tuna belly because of it's rich and buttery texture. We traded pieces and it was melt in your mouth smooth.

I couldn't believe there was more food after this but next up, we had perfectly cooked prime beef tenderloin - very juicy and perfectly seasoned on a bed of roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli. Honestly, chef Laine outdid himself here. Everything was so delicious. Also at this point of the evening, we were well into our red wine bottle count so we were very happy individuals!
For dessert, Daniella, laboured hard all day to provide us with some amazing options for dessert. A chocolate mousse cake and a mango mousse. Wow! What an incredible evening full of good company, delicious eats and fun times! Merci beaucoup! xx

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