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Famed Restaurant Makeover dynamic duo, designer Cherie Stinson and celebrity chef Lynn Crawford have opened up Ruby Watchoo I've been so excited to try this place and finally with the right occasion, my bestie's Stacey's birthday, we all headed to Leslieville for a culninary adventure. Joey, Cherie's husband was a perfect host for the evening with his entertaining anecdotes and chatty conversation making us feel right at home.

What you need to know about Ruby is that the restaurant serves a $49 prix fixed menu with 4 courses - salad, main, cheese plate and dessert which changes nightly featuring local and seasonal ingredients.  When you call to make a reservation they’ll ask you if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies so be honest!  This is NOT a restaurant with a menu where you can pick and choose.  You eat what they’re making! 
Rod and the birthday gal Stacey
We had a couple of folks with some restrictions ranging from lactose intolerance, gluten allergies, aversions to pork and to our dear friend Jordan who is allergic to all soy,  and raw fruits and vegetables.  They were very understanding and would be able to accommodate everything.
When you walk into the restaurant, it's very comfortable even with the sophisticated design.  Right at the front, there's a vintage set of unique mailboxes whom the hostess jokes could be used as a shoe rack in her home or mine.. what a brilliant idea!  We were seated at a long farm table , facing a antique looking Ruby Watch Co sign and even on a Wed night at 8:30 - the restaurant is packed and buzzing with energy.  In the back, there's an open kitchen with a massive butcher’s block, in front. We see Chef Lynn come out throughout the night, meticulously plating everything as it came out of the kitchen.
OK the first thing that comes out are baskets of warm and savoury cheddar cheese bisquits with chives.  They are so buttery and airy.  We all fight for a second serving and thirds. There was even talk that these bisquits may oust those famous Red Lobster ones (I know these restaurants are on different plains but honestly the only thing I remember from RL are the bisquits). For the evening, our dinner starts with a heritage farm cobb salad with large and fluffy pieces of boston bib lettuce, avocados, cherry tomatoes, chunks of tuna, slices of applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese and hen's egg wedges.  Everything here is served family style so you can help yourself to as much or as little as you wanted.  My good friend Andrew cites a story that he couldn't stand cherry tomatoes until coming to my mberry tasting party so he only had a salad minus the tomatoes.  Laura, sitting next to me prefers not to eat any pork product so they were very accommodating and removed all traces of bacon in her salad serving.  For Jordan, they gave him a special dish of gnocchi on pesto for his appetizers.   It was really amazing that they were able to tailor make our dishes for us.
By this time, we were beginning to slow down as we loaded up on salads and bisquits!
Our main was a juicy flank steak with peppercorn sauce cooked to my liking as it was still rarer and tender. 
I silently clapped as all of our mains and sides came out in Le Crueset mini red pots- incredible!  Cauliflour cooked in brown butter, carmalized mushrooms and onions and mashed potatoes served with sweet and smokey mustard.  I am the type of lady that usually doesn't like to waste her food but I couldn't eat another bite by the time I was through my first slice of steak.  I tried all the sides and they were all delicious but I seriously felt so full!  And we had 2 more courses!!
Andy and Laura
Our cheese course was a cheese called "Le Blackburn" served with toasted bread that smelt like campfire, carrot and orange marmalaide and honey.  Wow, I never turn down cheese so of course indulged expanding my stomach a bit more.
Finally dessert is served with a candle and song for Stacey.  Dark Chocolate and banana bread pudding, rich but light and sweet.  It was really a yummy way to end our meal.
I would definitely recommend coming again and trying out the other nightly menus.   Our compliments to the chefs and owners for a great new restaurant to track!
Jordan and Andrew
The only thing is ensure you make a reservation as this place is BUSY and it can get loud at times!
 **** stars
Ruby Watchoo
730 Queen Street East (East of Broadview)
              (416) 465-0100      
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