Table 17

Table 17 is a quaint find in Leslieville village perfect for a good catch up with your girlfriends or a dinner date.  The restaurant is divided into two rooms - the first room you walk into features a long bar and some seating and the room towards the side which we get seated in, is simple, farmhouse chic.  There's a long harvest table in the center of the room, which was used as a communal bread table tonight and the decor has kitchy ornamental roosters and charming antique chandeliers hanging. 
Our server Amanda is knowledgeable and engaging.  She doesn't hover but appears at ideal times when we were running low on water or in need of another cocktail or wine in our glass.   You can tell she does take pride in working at Table 17 and wanted us to have a great dinner service.    Their cocktail menu included cocktails with shoju which was amazing and how we started the night before ordering a bottle of vino.

The menu has amazing sharing plates and we do choose a couple to start with.   We were intrigued by the 'hot balls' for the mere pun of it - eating hot balls ... hahaha!  These are a series of 3 deep fried balls that have individual flavours and their own dipping sauces.  There was an arancini stuffed with risotto served with a tomato sauce, just your average deep fried ball in a tomato sauce,  another with goat cheese with a local wildflower honey for dipping which was a good alternative and the last ball was spiced lamb with mint sauce which was fantastic.
We were very impressed with the presentation of the polenta du jour dish.  This is a must at Table 17!  The fluffy, white polenta, dished out on a wooden cutting board was accompanied by the chef who ladled a "ragu" of steaming lamb on top of it. There was chili and dried basil on little spoons for more flavour.  It was heart-warming, a generous portion - ideal for our group of 3.  The lamb ragu was flavourful and the polenta with some grated Parmesan cheese and cracked pepper was still light as air.  We also ordered the diver scallops appetizer plate which came out nicely seared but what was the highlight was the side of really thick and salty bacon with a hollandaise sauce.

For our mains, Jen ordered the rainbow trout which was tender and delicate and perfect main for the appetizers we ordered.  Cat ordered the steak frites which is a staple at Table 17.  The steak was delicious and cooked to order (medium rare). The frites are so crispy, crunchy and tangled, and of course served with a side of may which was perfection.  Upon Amanda's recommendation, I ordered the beef short ribs as they were her favourite from the menu.  The meat was fall of the bone tender and juicy.  But the portion size was so big that I struggled to finish it.

As a note, Sundays and Mondays it's bring your own wine with no corkage fees with decent prix fix menu on offer 
*** 1/2 stars
Table 17 
782 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4M 1H4
Neighbourhood: Riverdale
(416) 519-1851

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  1. Great review! I love this place, especially those 'hot balls'. LOL.