Le Brunch at Le Select

Bonjour!!  Le Select bistro is le bistro francais from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core - tucked away on Wellington street and is quaint, charming and a good spot for le brunch.
The decor really transports you to a sophisticated bistro on the streets of Paris and can serve as a great date place and of course they serve up classics like steak frites, soupe a l'oignon and confit du canard.

For brunch they have their croque monseiur/madame on the menu which I find delightful as an option but the day we had brunch - I opted for one of their home made croissants sandwiches with gravlax which is Atlantic smoked salmon.  It was delicious and exactly what I felt like.  The croissant was moist and warm and the salmon mixed with the cream cheese and fresh cucumber slices were perfection on a hungover Sunday morning!  The portions are a bit small but for a hung over gal like me- it was perfect not to have such a full belly!
Their stuffed french toast with apples and cranberries is fluffy and flavourful.  The only thing is you only get served a square so if you have a big appetite, you may want to order some home made croissants or a side dish of their delicious and savoury rosti potatoes.  There's a 2 egg breakfast option with saussages and rosti potatoes as well and I learned from a brunching colleague that you can order your eggs over hard/ over medium/ and over easy.  The sausages are made in house which were very flavourful and juicy and it was a great option if you didn't want anything bready!
Passez une bonne journee (have a good day) and start it with brunch at Le Select.
*** 1/2 stars
Le Select - 432 Wellington Street West
(416) 596-6405
Mon. to Sat.: 11:00am - 1:00am
Sunday: 11:30am - 4:30pm


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