Fast food nation!

Today was free breakfast sandwich day at Burger King so naturally I went and now I have this lump in my stomach that has made me uncomfortable all morning!  The greasy and mildly spicy sausage and egg sandwich was served on a cold soggy croissant with some melted cheese and I was definitely unsatisfied.  I love the Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches- they are a treat for me and I savour that they are served on warm buttery bisquits.  My second favourite is the McD's saussage egg McMuffin and of course their hashbrowns.  I can only afford myself these luxuries on special occasions and not too often as I have to keep myself fit - at least for resto blogging!!!

Anyway along the same lines- I stumbled upon this on my twitter feed and thought it would be something interesting to post on my blog.  Below are the unique McDonald's sandwich adaptations around the world.  The qualifications is that these dishes need to be capable of delivery to costumers in less that 55 seconds.  They divise these dishes in its Hong Kong Food Studio.
• In France McDonald’s-goers can indulge in the Croque McDo, a mass-produced version of the Croque Monsieur, with Kronenbourg 1664 beer in two sizes
·         McItaly buger- a Square, with artichoke sauce and Asiago cheese — or olive oil and pancetta — the burger is supposed to “promote the taste of Italy”.
• Visitors to Malaysian McDonald’s can treat themselves to a beef or chicken Prosperity Burger, grilled and dipped in black pepper sauce, during the Chinese new year festive season
• In Japan, the Ebi Filet-O consists of breaded, deep-fried shrimp, while the standard bun is steamed rather than fried. Its pink paper wrapping is meant to appeal to Japanese women
• The McFalafel, below, is available in Egypt,
-the Shogun burger — a teriyaki pork patty — is on the menu in Hong Kong
- the McCurry Pan — a bread pan filled with chicken or vegetable curry — can be bought in India
• The McBingsoo, available in South Korean branches of McDonald’s, consists of a snow-cone-like cup of Korean shaved ice
• In Canada, fast-food eaters can choose to go upmarket with the McLobster, left, a lobster roll available in the Maritime Provinces
I am now on a mission to try each of these in my lifetime!

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