The Birthday series- The night before -Jump jump!

After a big celebration with my friends last Saturday - my dad and family on his side took me out for a lovely Winterlicious inspired birthday dinner at Jump which is in the family of Oliver and Bonacini restaurants.  I haven't been there before and my impression remains- it's truly a Bay street with a big wine list and formal atmosphere.  Surprisingly it wasn't too packed on the Sunday which I guess makes sense as it's probably a bustling place Monday thru Friday when the stock exchange is open.

The bread at the table came with a roasted red pepper puree which was tasty and a big crowd pleaser amongst my family.  The menu had many varied options to choose from and I wanted to make sure that someone at the table tried each item on the menu.
For appetizers there was a velvety butternut squash soup - perfect for warming you up after a winter chill, there was an added crunch from the honey pecans which was a nice surprise.  We also had house cured smoked salmon which according to my little nephew Nathan tasted as good as sashimi.  What my dad enjoyed the most about the salmon was that it came with a green apple cold slaw which was a fresh palette pleaser.  My stepmom Sue tried the roasted potato and portabello mushroom salad which was sweet from the vingrette.
For mains- I had the hoki (which made me laugh as it rhymes with pokey) which was a panko crusted fish and it came out soggy and smelling fishy.  I actually really didn't enjoy my main and switched plates with my father being that it was my birthday!  My father ordered the top sirloin steak - done medium rare and it came out moist and juicy and delicious.  Sue had the "Coq au Vin" capon which is a rooster - and it was a little too mushy and felt like it was overcooked.  My niece and nephew both scarfed down their truffle and ricotta ravioli like they were happy campers so no problems there!
For dessert - the melt in your mouth dark chocolate torte was incredible.  I'm not even a huge fan of chocolate and it was decadent and a good way to recover from the main dishes.  The other options were a vanilla bean pannacota which was much heavier and creamier than expected and so rich that my stepmom couldn't finish it.  I had their home made tiramisu and it was just average- the lady fingers in my opinion were not drenched enough with liquor.  All in all - even on a discounted winterlicious menu, I wouldn't be Jumping for Joy to come back ...
** 1/2 stars (the half was deserved because the service was impeccable)
Jump - 18 Wellington St W (Wellington and Bay)
(416) 363-3400

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