There's a new Rosedale restaurant on the block occupying the troubled 1055 Yonge address and it may have a chance for longevity. 
It's Ed Ho's newest project - the owner behind Globe Bistro on the Danforth and he brings forth his principals of eating local and thinking global into this posh space.  Having been a diner at the previous restaurant - it was a healthy change with a steady flow of patrons and even some local star power as Eugene Levy and a big group were occupying the best seats in the house - at the front of the restaurant.  

The service were very informed and attentive and were able to answer all our questions, we were told that everything was made to order at the restaurant and upon asking for substitutions for a friend's lactose intolerance- the restaurant wasn't able to accommodate for the one dish she had her heart on.


The food is rustic and inspired by seasonal ingredients and we definitely order a good spread amongst ourselves.  Honestly speaking- there were no big stand outs in terms of dishes and unfortunately my friends were more disappointed as there were high expectations but poor execution. 
Amongst the items that we enjoyed - fresh oysters from Rodneys to start the evening off- and you know what they say about oysters being an aphrodisiac and their wood oven flatbread was good.  The elk tartare with a quail egg as an appetizer was quite tasty and seasoned well and something that I would definitely order again and we also had the speckled trout as an appetizer which was seared well.
Things that were a bit disappointing - their Lobster stew which according to my friend tasted less like Lobster but more like the beans that were mixed into the stew and the gnocchi which individual gnocchis were charred on the bottom.   
The boys polished off their mains without problem.  Marty ordered the braised beef cheek which in my opinion is one of the most tender parts of the cow and it didn't disappoint - it was very juicy and perfectly cooked.  Cam ordered the an elk venison shepard's pie in a cast iron pan and it was finished without hesitation.
In a subsequent visit - I hope to try their crispy cheese curd which i missed on the menu this first visit and despite the 'cursed' location, I believe that Earth has potential to stay. 
*** stars
Earth - 1055 Yonge street (Yonge north of Rosedale station)
(416) 590-9339
Daily from 5:00 - 11:00pm

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