Going to Terroni on Queen West has become a staple in my life.  This is the original Terroni restaurant - it all started here in 1992 and then they expanded uptown, towards the east end and one in LA.   Casual and good Italian fare with a bustling atmosphere of eclectic people, it's a place that I enjoy meals, and catching up with friends.   Be warned as the line ups can be ridiculous (most of the time). 
I went for lunch with my former boss just recently and it was one of the few times that we were seated right away.  I forgot how close together the tables can be and we felt like we were smusched into a table for two and eavesdropping on conversations as we were almost sitting on top of each other with a bit of elbow room.  However that didn't stop us from having a lovely time and having some good food. 
Today we opt to have some pastas dishes but everything on their menu is delicious.
A favourite of mine is their funghi salad appetizer- it's a warm and tender plate of perfectly cooked funghis.  
I haven't even gotten into their pizzas... they are amazing... and in my opinion - the pizza wars between Libretto and Terrori- Terroni is the champ in my eyes.  There are tons of variety and they are rustic - the type of thin crust pizzas that don't come pre-cut.   I usually get their white pear and honey pizza which is a sweeter pizza or the quartro staggioni pizza, which depicts the 4 seasons in the 4 quarters of the pizza using different ingredients.

Anyway my former boss ordered the pasta limone- a very lemony pasta dish with spinach and chicken... very light and citrusy (I know that's not a real word but deal..)
I had the black cod and baby clam pasta - it was a little more fishy than I would've liked but I thought it was a unique dish and I felt like some seafood so it was all good. 

Anyway I go often and recommend it to friends and as their website says "Don't fret about the 'no reservation' policy; the lines move quickly.
**** stars
Terroni, 720 Queen Street West (between Manning and Claremont)
Mon. to Sat.: 9:00am - 10:00pm
Lunch for 2- $50 with top
Dinner for 2- $100 with tip

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