Funnel caking

Recently I went to one of Toronto's biggest amusement parks - Canada's Wonderland and when you go there- there are a few things you must do- certain rides and roller coasters even though they make you sick; the latest and greatest is the Behemoth- which is certainly worth the wait! The Bat which is the backwards roller coaster and when I was younger I used to love this ride but it definitely doesn't fair well for me anymore- I was practically green after this ride and needed to have a 'time out' to catch my breathe again. You need to play the traditional carnival games and attempt to win a prize- we played Whack-a-mole and I ended up winning a giant stuffed banana as a prize :) and of course you must eat funnel cake! This is a deep fried batter in a circular waffle-like shape, often served with icing sugar and jams. My friend Brocke who was a funnel cake virgin and I shared the 'deluxe' which was funnel cake topped with soft served vanilla ice cream and strawberries. We devoured the cake and then went on another rollercoaster after... not the wisest choice!
Canada's Wonderland- 9580 Jane St, Vaughn

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