Let's go to the EX!

You know the signs that summer is ending in Toronto when the Canadian National Exhibition is on. Going to the EX (the alternative name for the CNE) was an annual summer adventure I would do with my family- my mom would win me a prize at the 'guess your age', my dad would win at the horse racing and ring toss ones and I would try my luck at the birthday die game.
But working near the EX has it's advantages - we can go for lunch and get back our admission costs when we exit so we can roam around the EX until 2pm and get our money back- what a deal!
A group of us went today for lunch; Sophia - our resident CNE connoisseur explains that there are new food vendors that she and her partner in crime Jia-Huey noticed when they went opening day including a Dim Sum shop, Vietnamese Pho, Italian sandwiches where she thought the veal fryer man was very 'cute', an instant ramen shop, a Filipino deli and the JACKPOT FOR ME was the Poutinery.
There are the old favourites like the perogie shop which is Jia-Huey's pick (beware there are 2 shops and one is better than the other near the Bubble tea and Instant Ramen House), Tiny Tim donuts which you can only get the timbits by the dozen at $5 (muy expensivo!) and not individually (a shame!) and the ice cream waffle sandwiches. Heather and I opted to get a chicken/beef shawarma because they were offering free samples of the tenderly spiced chicken outside the restaurant which immediately sold the dish to us!
The CNE is only open for another week so I will likely make another trip or two to capitalize on these carni delights before the year goes by!

Canadian National Exhibition - Friday Aug 21- Monday Sept 7th, 2009

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