Golden balls!

Even after filling our bellies with a huge dinner and dessert, my friend Jess was determined to goto her favourite late night bakery on Danforth (Athens Pastery) for what she will describe as sticky golden balls of delight dripping with sweet honey syrup.... and what a deal 6 balls for $1.50 or 12 for $3 - you can't go wrong! Because we had just gorged ourselves on a delicious dinner- we opted for 6 loukamades - which are deep fried Greek donuts served with honey with cinnamon and icing sugar sprinkled on it. It's the Greek version of timbits! They were so good - fluffly and light and very sweet- and they melted in our mouths in less than 5 minutes. After that - we were inspired to try another dessert - the Galakto bouriko which was a flaky, semolina custard pastry drenched in their sticky honey goodness and cinamon sprinkles. It was heavenly.
Athens Pasteries - 509 Danforth Avenue - (Danforth and Logan)
**** stars
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