Yorkville/Bloor cocktails and dining

So the last few days, I did drinks and dins in the Yorkvillesque strip and honestly I'm not that impressed.
Wednesday night - cocktails at Lobby. There were velvet ropes already outside because I guess there's a big scene there on Wed but when we were there- the lounge area was half empty. For my friend Matt though - the hostesses were skinny models and he did everything to charm his way into getting their numbers. The dark restaurant with muted lighting further emphasized by the dark rich leather couches and tables made it look mysterious but this place oozes with pretension- or is trying hard to - anyway not the kind of place that I would want to hang around. The menu had nothing special that popped out and i felt like it was way overpriced. I was bored and ready to go after my very expensive martini. I wouldn't go back again unless I was dragged there!
Lobby - 192 Bloor Street West (Avenue Road and Bloor)

One at the Hazelton Hotel
Thursday after work - we walk into the swanky lounge area at One and park ourselves at the long oak bar that separates the lounge from the restaurant. Already the apres travail seen was bustling with power house suits and expensive purses. I ordered their house Pinot Grigio which is Bertiolo from a recommendation by my best girlfriend and it is good-punchy and fruity but smooth as well. My girlfriend Tash has a glass of Malbec and ordered their Cornish hen off the dinner menu. It came quickly however it was just the hen without anything accompanying it except a roasted lemon. I understand that this is Mark McEwan's latest project and the prices reflect that he's one of Toronto's top chef's and of course the Yorkville location however for the price of the hen- it wasn't great value at all. To top this off- Tash thought the dish was bland - the Moroccan spices didn't add too much flavour and she had to ask for salt and pepper ... mon dieu! Tash also ordered a side of rapini as the hen was just not filling enough and who would blame her!
While we were at the bar - 2 older gentlemen approached us and were eager to tell us about their latest and greatest accomplishments on the stockmarket or something like that while paying us compliments with the hopes that we wouldn't notice their wedding rings on their fingers - anyway after one drink and the one that the men bought us - we left. Ladies- this is definitely a place packed full of suits if that's what you're looking for!
One Restaurant- 116 Yorkville Avenue (Yorkville and Avenue Road)
** 1/2 Stars

Annona at the Park Hyatt-
My friends threw our girlfriend Johanna a baby shower there and it was lovely. Holly and Shauna went out of their way to make the day special for the mommy to be with flowers, party favours and decorations. There was a $35 prix fixed menu which I selected along with another girlfriend which came with an appetizer, an entree and 2 desserts. The other ladies had their buffalo mozzarella salad, chicken and veggies and scallops which they all finished and it looked delightful. Our amuse bouche was a cube of watermelon with salty feta which was the perfect palette pleaser!
My appetizer was their famous (well perhaps because my girlfriend Holly had been tooting about it) was their wonton matza ball soup. The soup was a chicken broth base and their matza balls just melted in your mouth. The wontons were a really nice surprise to have as well.
Kyla was the other lady that ordered the prix fix, had a trio of appetizers which included shrimp skewers, seared tuna and a lobster mango roll and they were all very delicious she says. . I ordered the cornish hen for my main and unlike the dish at One (above) - it was juicy and tender and perfectly flavoured. Ky got the trough which I found a bit dry and a bit bland.
It was a lovely night at the Hyatt! Thanks to Shauna and Holly who did a superb job organizing!
and congrats to the mommy to be Johanna!
Annona 4 Avenue Road (at the Park Hyatt)
*** stars

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