Merci Mon Ami

Today was Taco Tuesday at Merci Mon Ami which is one of their weekly specials. My co-workers, Lily, Tonya and I decided to partake and check this cute place out in our Liberty Village work neighborhood. Merci Mon Ami has been a successful catering business since 2003 and opened it's doors to the public a year and a half ago with a quaint little patio and intimate indoor area where there are communal tables.

Our friendly server Olivier greets us with gusto and we order 2 taco specials and their taco salad for me. The taco choices are chicken and beef and you can even get the option of mixing them up!
Our dishes come out in a few reasonable minutes - 3 tacos served with a side taco salad. They are hard shelled tacos and a great value at $10 flat.
My taco salad takes up the entire plate and comes with the chicken on the side. Olivier gives me an extra sampling of their house made dressing which has 37 ingredients in it but the only few potent flavours i pick up are sesame oil, vinegar, and lemon or citrus flavours but it is really good but definitely a little bit goes a long way. Olivier claims he doesn't even know the exact recipe is!
He also explains to us that all their produce is local to even their beef which they grind themselves hence the consistency is a bit softer than what you expect regularly. The owners are so proprietary about their recipes that they don't let the staff know all the ingredients in their food so that it remains a house hold secret.
The only thing i will say is that i felt that the shells of the tacos were a bit stale - but it wasn't a consistent feeling throughout lunch.
The verdict is that my colleagues enjoyed their beef tacos more than their chicken. And I truly thought their chicken was perfect on the salad.
Merci also has burger Wednesdays and the burgers are hearty and delicious and comes with a healthy helping of fries as well.
On the weekends- especially on Sunday, the proprietaries buy their own produce at the Liberty Village farmers market and serve it fresh as their brunch ingredients. The menu sounds delicious - a croque Monseiur, herbed eggs with fresh farmer's peameal bacon, a specialty croissant and some other delicious breakfast dishes!
The dessert butter tarts are home made from Haliburton that are only available 6 months of the year as the couple that makes it goes on vacation somewhere hot after the summer months and we try one. Caramel oozes out of the tiny tart and we are in heaven. They are decadent however I really wish 1) that they were bigger because we shared the tart amongst the 3 of us and 2) that it was slightly warmed - it was just below room temperature which made the tart not as flaky as i would have enjoyed.
Olivier was a delight to have serve us and we will definitely come back and see you! Merci beaucoup!

Merci Mon Ami- 171 East Liberty Street, Liberty St and Hanna Avenue
*** stars

171 East Libe171 East Liberty Street, No. 107rty Street, No. 107
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