We don't need another HERO!

Chris, the captain of Pylon My Disc and I were due for a catch up lunch and we decide to go to HERO burger as it was easy and location was in the middle of both our workplaces.
These chains popped up a few years ago in Toronto and tooted being the first gourmet burger in the city separating themselves from the dives like Johnny G's and other burger shacks alike and establishing themselves before the Craft burgers of the world came to town.
I had a coupon where we buy a combo and get a solo 4oz burger for free so I let Chris order his Peameal, Cheddar and Bacon burger with fries and a chocolate shake and I ordered the 4 oz solo burger with a side of poot and a strawberry shake. The first thing i'll remark on - was that this place was expensive. Even with the coupon- our order came out to $25!
Chris reminded me that we did order a lot of food and that this was a place where gourmet burgers lived!
For an additional charge - you can add some custom toppings including 7 different types of cheeses like Brie, Gorgonzola and Smoke Provolone (which is what i had) and things like guacamole, portobello mushrooms and roasted peppers. There is also 15 different condiments that are free of charge from your typical ketchup, mustard to things like jalepeno peppers (which i love as i love spicy things) and specialty sauces like the maple chipoltle barbeque sauce and the hero certified sauce (which I see as your tartare/thousand island mix).
The verdict is that these are just your average burgers with some yummy spreads. The bun gets a bit soggy and as you munch on- the burger mashed into your bun especially if you have a lot of sauces like me. The poutine is ok- they use hand cut fries and use real cheese curds so you don't have me complaining about it!
Their shakes aren't too thick so they fill you right up... Anyway if you're craving a burger and you pass one of these places - go in and order one made to your tastes however I wouldn't go out of your way to eat here!

Hero Burger - Various locations -
** 1/2 Stars
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