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*Featuring Laura Baehr - guest food blogger extraordinaire and fellow culturiati*

Went to Frank last night @ the AGO. Have you been?
Here's my "twitter style" review in case you haven't:
Food sounded better than it tasted, but drinks were fantabulous: Vodka, lime & cucumber concoction was divine and the Patron margarita was perfect. The onion rings, on the other hand, were fat, dry & doughy and the heirloom salad lacked balsamic, salt, and ultimately taste. Shrimp & veggies were blah but apparently the lamb starter was a hit.
Just a bit of background on the restaurant:
The name of the restaurant "Frank" - serves of course as a homage to Frank Gehry, who designed the restaurant space but also gave a facelift to the AGO. It also represents artist Frank Stella whose work will be displayed in the space. One more thing- being 'frank' means honest and being straightforward and that is what the underlying purpose of naming this restaurant was.

Frank @ the Art Gallery of Ontario 317 Dundas Street West
Dundas and McCaul
** 1/2 stars

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