Sushi at Yonge and Eg

So where I live there are plenty of sushi joints to choose from. I really like Sushi Rock because it has over 100 different rolls and I love trying new things and seeing unique rolls on the menu. They have a huge variety of raw, cooked and vegetarian rolls!
I have a bit of a reputation for getting a bit carried away when I order food as once I ordered so much sushi takeout at this place for 3 people that they gave us an entire bottle of soya sauce!

Anyway things I really enjoy at this restaurant:
Salad rolls - they are sushi rolls that are wrapped with cucumber instead of seaweed- very fresh and light and a great way to start the meal.
Enoki Beef rolls- these hot rolls are beef rolled up with Japanese enoki mushrooms and they are very good - not your typical roll - they come slathered in hoisin sauce.
Dragon on Fire maki is tiger shrimp tempura and crab roll topped with cooked salmon drizzled in a sweet/spicy sauce
Aside from that - there are so many options to choose from, just try not to over-order!
Sushi Rock -2359 Yonge St. (at Helendale Ave.)
*** stars

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