Pho sure!

Every culture seems to have their version of soupy comfort whether it's chicken noodle soup,
Chinese congee, Japanese miso, or in Vietnam - it's pho pronouced correctly as "phhaaa". Pho is traditionally a beef broth that has different types of thinly sliced meat and rice noodles. It's served with a plate of raw bean sprouts, basil leaves, limes and mini chilli peppers which you can add discretionally to your piping hot soup along with hoisin sauce and the spicy red hot sauce (spicy sauce) to spice it to your tastebuds.

So my big sis and I decided to head for lunch at The Golden Turtle, whose Vietnamese name Rua Vang means "luck for the future". It's one of Toronto's most famous Vietnamese restaurants as chefs like Susur Lee and the Rubino brothers are known to frequent this Ossington joint. It also has a patio that is good for people watching and soaking up the good weather.

Of course, I order a large bowl of pho with rare beef, beef balls and tripe in it. It was warm, soothing and totally what i was craving. My sis ordered another traditional Vietnamese dish called bun - consisting of cold rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables and topped with grilled chicken and pork skin and served with a crunchy spring roll. It was cool and light and perfect for summer weather as it was light to eat!
We also decided to have their deep fried frogs legs which is one of the specials of the restaurants. They were like chicken drumsticks that were battered.
The best part of the meal is that vietamese cuisine is always so filling at a very affordable price.

Golden Turtle - 125 Ossington Avenue (Argyle and Ossington)
*** stars

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