Duff's and my ultimate frisbee team

So after what was the best ultimate game of the season thus far, my team, Pylon My Disc decided to go get what we claim are the best wings in the city - at Duff's. They have 13 sauces for their wings that range from the typical mild- to hot sauces but then they go beyond with their suicide and the spiciest of their sauces- the Armageddon where sirens go off in the restaurant when they bring out a plate of those wings!
The legendary and ridiculously hot Armageddon sauce gets made at the owners house. Apparently it's so potent that they actually wear gas masks and gloves when making the sauce as your eyes sting and start to tear just from the smell!!! I challenge anyone to get through 20 wings with that sauce! Our teammate Avee told us that he froze his leftover Armageddon wings and only used an eye dropper to put the sauce in anything he wanted to add some kick to!
Our team settles for medium, hot, hot honey garlic and spicy barbecue wings (which are my favourite because they are perfectly spiced and smoky). Sherman, our friendly waiter informs us that instead of fries- they make poutine which of course I order to compliment the wings!!
Some team mates like Adam and Che don't enjoy the spiciness while others like Lisa and Mitch who recently got married (Mazeltov!) finished their wings off no problem! They don't only have wings on their menu- Talia our newest member of the Pylons ordered chicken fingers which were good too. Also their dill or blue cheese dips are yummy and good dips for their celery sticks!
The poutine was well done with cheese curds (to my surprise) and the gravy was the perfect taste and consistency. I was a happy camper!

Update: Last night was our last game and the pylons were in a celebratory mood as we won the game by one point beating a team we were demolished by earlier in the season. The pylons who can stand the heat decided to challenge themselves to a sauce eating contest which started from the hot sauce and then went to the super hot sauce - which just made Greggors (crazy legs), Dias (our captain), Lori (the Spice girl) and myself's mouth tingle. We made it to the death sauce and I had to quit there as my mouth was on fire and i was dousing myself with the ranch sauce they had at the table. The 3 members trekked on to attempt the legendary Armageddon sauce - the spiciest of them all (see above for more details) and keep in mind that all 3 of these pylons hadn't even so much as bat an eyelash at the other sauces. So they all dip their wings in the sauce and start eating and brushing it off like it's no sweat off their backs. About 30 seconds comes in and Dias has started to tear, Lori - the spice girl has broken out into a sweat around her face and starts to sniffle and Greg is perspiring ... then the heat lingers and lingers... Greg is brave enough to have another go at the sauce but the others have stopped. I tip my hat off to my 3 team mates for braving it out and wish that their stomach's weren't churning too much when they left us last night!

Duff's (several locations) but the one we at at was 1604 Bayview Avenue (Bayview and Eglinton)
*** stars

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  1. I know I live so close to that Duff's, but I have yet to check it out. But now you got me craving wings.

  2. Duff's is a great hangout! My favourite sauce is the spicy bbq...hits the craving just right!