Happy Canada Day and Webers Burgers!

To my fellow Canadians- happy birthday to Canada and hope you had a great holiday! My good friend Natasha and I took advantage of the holiday and headed up to a gorgeous cottage in Muskoka to enjoy campfires, bbqing and sitting by the lake. While it was a short trip (as the holiday was mid-week), we had a good time. On our way back into the city - we vowed to stopped at the famous Weber's for burgers! Now this place has been around forever and is always a staple for those driving up to cottage country. It holds a kind of nostalgia for me as I remember stopping there as I was heading up to summer camp and enjoying the burgers, hotdogs and ice cream with new friends and where I met my very best friend to this date Shauna!
So while driving home on HWY 11- we bombed past Webers (because we weren't paying attention and not because we were speeding, officer... ) and once we realized it, Natasha calmly maneuvered her vehicle backwards on the hwy to get back to the entrance of Webers! Although it was a daring move, it was completely worth it. Webers has built a food bridge for those who are on the other side of the restaurant so people don't run across the highway and cause traffic accidents. The line outside the restaurant moves fast because they have chipper servers outside taking your orders- 2 cheeseburgers, pickles, ketchup, mustard and tomatoes were ordered and paid for before entering the restaurant. Once inside the lively servers are singing along to music while prepping the food and packing them for you! We didn't have to wait long to get our burgers which was great and it's always entertaining when you can sing along to classics like Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi while waiting. As we made our way outside the restaurant - we settled into a enjoy our burgers on one of the many picnic tables outside instead of opting to eat inside a old caboose of a train. The burgers are good - they are grilled on charcoal and they hit the spot if you're hungry. But the reason you goto Webers is because you remember those days as a kid when you stopped there, the service is fun and it's very affordable.
Weber's - 8144 Hwy 11, Orillia
*** stars
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