Crushin' Summerlicious

I went to Crush for lunch on Summerlicious. I actually never really liked the restaurant from previous experience but I thought I would give it one more change and no- I still don't like this place.

The atmosphere in there is stuffy and boring and very, very corporate. I feel like this is the type of place where suits come to eat lunches and dinners and enjoy bland meals with no character or unique qualities. The summerlicious menu wasn't very innovative and the food felt like only half the effort was put into it and the ingredients felt store bought.
I had a chilled cucumber soup with pickled onions - that was ok. My main was a bow tie pasta dish with ratatouille - meh and when my dessert came out it looked like cottage cheese with red sauce.. ewww...
My friend Natasha had a feta and green salad- the feta was rubbery and too salty. She had steamed haddock - which looked ok and tasted fine. Her dessert was a trifle. The portion was very big but she would've liked the trifle to sit and soak up some of the alcohol it's drizzled in.

Needless to say- i don't think i'll go again.
Crush Wine bar- 455 King Street West, (King and Spadina)
** Stars

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