Rodney's - King of Oysters

If you like oysters- then the place to try is Rodneys. My friend Jackie, whom I refer to as the Oyster connoisseur swears that Rodney's oysters are better than ANY she has ever had even from the East coast!!

For dinner - we did order a huge honking platter of 36 oysters to be split between 3 ladies and we polished it off no problem!
We had the Kushi's (they were tiny but juicy ones), Kumamoto's, Raspberrry Points, Malbecs and humongous ones that I forget the names of. Half the fun is experimenting with the different sauces that gets served with the oysters from the different tobascos, to Worcestershire, to vinaigrettes and chilis.... Jackie favourite is the raspberry shallot vinaigrette, lemon, and some horseradish. I enjoy the vodka based vinaigrette, chili and horseradish combination with a squirt of lemon.

The other items on the menu are equally delicious such as their scallops - tender, juicy and nicely poached with butter and other steamed veggies, their lobster club which gets served with giant onion rings - that melt in your mouth and their french fries are hand cut and delicious!!
And you know what they say about oysters being aphrodisiacs.... after finishing that platter of oysters- we went off for a big night... oh boy!
*** Stars
Rodneys Oyster Bar on King- 469 King Street West (King and Bathurst)
New Rodneys' by Bay- 56 Temperance Avenue

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