Momo's Middle Eastern Cuisine

My friends and i had two goals for the evening - 1st - to enjoy the weather on a patio 2nd- find some good middle eastern cuisine and we were pleased to find Momo's on Harbord street that catered very well to our wishes!
Momo's has been around the block for 13 years so while the signage looks a bit dated - the quality of food is nothing to complain about - as things usually do- they get better with age.

We even enjoyed a good laugh watching a Pizza Pizza delivery man come across the patio at Momo's to deliver 2 fresh pizzas to the apartments above the restaurant.
OK on to the food- we started with a plate of babaganoosh and hummus served with pita, pickled turnips and olives- we devoured the entire plate.
My girlfriend Heather - ADORES falafels - she even lists them as her 'interests' on facebook and she has a song that is contagious as everyone around our office as well as in our mutual friend group knows the song and LOVES it. So obviously Heather ordered a plate of them - 4 falelfel balls came for her enjoyment served with a tahini dip. She also ordered a huge fattoush salad - which is basically a Mediterranean tomato salad with cucumbers, lemon juice, olive oil and parsley. My girlfriend Tiffany ordered the grouper which she exclaimed was as fresh as river fish served with a side of rice and garden salad. I tried a plate of 2 Kefta kabobs which was served with freshly cut potato wedges that were yummy, hummus and a tabouleh salad (I'm not the biggest fan as the taste of parsley is not my favourite and I am constantly paranoid that there will be greenery stuck in my teeth). What is Kefta you ask? cooked ground meat with a variety of spices such as garlic, onions, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, and harissa commonly found as street meat in the middle east! The meal was extremely satisfying!!

For dessert, we had all saved room for baklava but didn't know that there were 4 flavors so it was a bit of a big decision. Especially when Heather said - let's pick 2 and I understood it as she was picking 2 flavours and I would pick the other two. For the sake of the blog though I rationalized that we needed to try all of them HAHAH! I liked the almond and the cashew with them being drenched with honey sweetness, the wal-nut which was the one in the shape of a cigar was a bit dry and nutty but the best of them all as always is the pistashcio!!!
Momos - 196 Robert Street (Harbord and Spadina)
*** stars

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