POUTINI'S - finally!!!

So I had the pleasure and privilege to hit up Poutinis last Friday which was their officially opening night... If you ask any of my friends, I've been waiting for this day to come!
This space is in an ideal spot for night traffic - sandwiched between the Drake hotel and the Social - with handcrafted long wood bar tables. The only thing I exclaimed to 'Squeaky' who is the lady managing the resto - is that after a long evening - my feet will need some rest when I stumble in a bit tipsy- and she assured me that there will be bar stools for my next visit. They literally opened a few hours before and they were behind on a few things.

The menu is short and to the point- There are 3 poutines that are offered- the traditional, the vegetarian and the 'no guilt' poutine.
All the gravy's are home made and cheese curds are from a local Ontarian farm. We ordered the traditional - the fries were hand cut and done well and the cheese curds were very squeeky!
We also ordered the 'no guilt' - which was a baked potato poutine with cheese curds and gravy. I thought I wouldn't like it but I was completely wrong and LOVED this one more than the traditional - i know!!! I am usually a purist when it comes to poo but there was something about the way the baked potato made the gravy taste- the gravy tasted like perfect prime rib mushroom gravy which i adore!! Compared to Smokes Poutiniere- i think Poutinis is going to do really well - their gravy is amazing and cheese curds are squeaky!
The other thing is everything from their take out containers to their forks are biodegradable - it's nice to see restaurants stepping up to help the environment!
Also a big shout out to Squeaky! See you soon!
Poutini's House of Poutine- 1112 Queen Street West- Queen btw Lisgar and Dovercourt
**** stars
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  1. Go Poutinis!! Can't wait to try it, I hear it is FABULOUS!!!

  2. Sweet! I gotta try this place out :D