Tati- Allez cuisine!

So there have been rumblings between my friends that Tati is the best kept secret on Harbord Street and based on that - my friend Derek and I decided that it would be our task to evaluate whether there's truth in those statements.
On a Tuesday, the restaurant was quite bustling and we were asked to move upstairs to the second level and most importantly where their patio was. We selected seats on their rooftop patio which is hidden in the back and has a very intimate feel to it. I could go as far as saying that it would be a good summer patio spot for a group of friends, not ideal for people watching and meeting new folks but definitely with a good crew who enjoy a good bottle of wine. Their wine list at Tati is very extensive with a great variety of choice.
Tati's menu is traditional french fare having different sections for the hors d'euvres, meats, seafood and sides. We choose 2 appetizers from their garlic butter drenched escargot and their mushroom feuilletes which was what i would describe as cream of wild mushroom soup with small croissant triangles. Derek exclaimed that the escargot were good but not the best he has had and I would have to agree although i would've liked more bread to lather up the remains of the garlicy buttery sauce. The feuillete was a good compliment to the savouriness of the escargot as it was sweet and creamy.
On to our mains- Derek ordered the steak frites - and asked for his steak to be done medium (quelle dommage!!) but it came juicy and bloody - I think the chef was like although he would like his meat medium-he overrode the decision and cooked it medium rare... TEE HEE!
I ordered the bouillabaise - which was huge full of squid, mussels, oysters, perfectly poached fish, tentacles - some of the other seafood was a bit fishy but I enjoyed it and again wished there was more bread to sop up. I was stuffed by the time the waitress asked if we wanted anything else. However for the sake of blog research, we trucked on and shared dessert which was a very yummy creme brule. We also ordered cavados and coffees which is always a great way to end dinner. I will say that our server Karly was a one woman show and she was BU-SY serving both the patio and the top floors. There were people who walked out and were a bit unhappy with the wait for service however it just gave us a chance to chat. I would say that I would prefer to have better service but it was only a Tuesday!
Tati 124 Harbord Street (Harbord and Spadina)
*** stars
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