A little FUZION in your life

As we were biking through the Church village, my good friend Natasha and I decided to park our bikes and have dinner at Fuzion as it was the ideal spot to stop, relax and be zen as the sun was setting. Fuzion is set in a gorgeous 120 yr old Victorian house with a huge wraparound terrace.
We were greeted by Jimmy, the owner, who advised us to park our bikes behind the back patio and not along the fence - as he just manicured the garden and didn't want to promote bike parking along the edge of the restaurant. Who could blame him- the patio, the landscaping, the atmosphere was perfection. Light ambient beats were pumping through the restaurant while our server went through the list of the cocktails- we tried the mojito (a tad dry), to a dirty martini (which was indeed very dirty) and some of their specialty cocktails. Although the cocktails weren't huge hits with us - we kept them coming and we understood that it was the bartender's first night! Inside the gorgeous house - there are 4 dining areas-

1. The nook for 2 guests
2. The Chef's Room for up to 20 guests
3. The Simpson room that seats up to 30 guests
4. The main private Dining Room that seats 40 guests.

Fuzion also promotes martini and manicure nights full of delicious cocktails and tapas. This would be such a treat for my lady friends - am putting something in the works for us now...
The food was delectable - they have a great menu with something for everyone from medittranean flavours to asian tapas. We decided to share the artichoke, mushroom and tomato salad and the duck special - which came with foie gras as well as duck breast and leg. Before our dinner was served, we were given warm corn bread for the table and herbed butter - it was a very nice touch before we had our meal which was sooo good!
I'm a huge fan of this place- it's a good place for drinks, dinner, lounging - they have DJs playing all summer long on Sundays, and am booking martini and manicures soon.
Fuzion- 580 Church Street, Church and Wellseley *** stars
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