It's Back to School time!!

School is the new kid on the block in Liberty Village with renaissance chef Brad Moore as the man behind the concept and menu. Thematically decorated with apples at each table, chalk boards, encyclopedias and lunch boxes adorning the warehouse and themed events such as Detention (3:30 -7pm-drink specials), and Private School (monthly late night parties with featured DJs), this place brings new blood to the what was known in the neighborhood as the Warehouse Grill.

The baked goods at this place are out of this world with sweet temptations like the "Viva Puff Chocolate Cupcake", "Black Forest cookie", "Banana Peanut butter cupcake" to their "Rootbear Cupcake", Brad is all about experimenting with new flavours, textures and mixtures.
A group of us took the opportunity to eat on the patio on the first warm day of summer and although our lunch was ok (my burger was a bit rare, my colleagues fries were under salted) and the service was not the best (aloof and couldn't be bothered to bring over water, double charged a collegue)- i realize these are growing pains of a new restaurant and am confident that these things will work themselves out.
The brunch on the weekend is worth the wait from the 4 cheese Omlette Souffle to Banana Brittle Nutella Crepe- you really won't be too disappointed!
All in all - I"m in it for the long haul with this place as I like the concept- cheesy but so am I so i dig it!
School Cafe and Bakery - 70 Fraser Avenue, Fraser and Liberty
*** Stars
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