Electric L'Avenue

This is bar none my very FAVOURITE place for a long drawn out brunch in La Belle Province. It's in the gorgeous and trendy Plateau neighborhood and when you pass it by - there's someone in the window putting together juicy and delectable fruit skewers. However be prepared to wait at least 45 mins to get in if you aren't an early riser.
The four of us waited for over an hour just to get a table in the back ... and we were starving by the time we were seated. The menu is overwhelming and very french literally with endless options which I may have not 100% understood but what i gathered were there were egg specials prepared tthousands of ways , sandwiches, crêpes, waffles, fruit salad, and the latte machine never stops. Look at the amazing chocolate pancakes and fruit pancakes the table ordered next to us as appetizers! Too many options!!!
Catherine ordered a banana and strawberry smoothie which came in a giant fish bowl, I order a bowl of mocha latte which was sweet, comforting and humongous and the ladies just have OJ which of course is freshly squeezed.
My girlfriends all opted for different brunch options - from regular eggs done over easy (sur-facile as the direct translation is in french), benny and an omlette. These dishes were presented each with a gorgeous fruit skewer and potatoes in a red mini crock pot. I opted for a Spanish inspired egg special with Chorizo sausage, spinach, potatoes and eggs which came with a side plate of a fruit skewer. The brunch was exquisite and very satisfying. We didn't feel any pressure to leave even though we knew there was a huge lineup to get in. The atmosphere was very laid back with ambient beats in the background but not loud enough so you are shouting at the other members of your table. I would recommend this as a 'must try'.
L'Avenue, 922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Plateau, Montreal
**** stars
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