Crusty sandwiches at Reggies

Chris, the brilliant captain of my ultimate frisbee team - Pylon My disc (you're welcome for the plug) and I decide strategically to meet for an early lunch at Reggies Old Fashion Sandwich shop on King West at 11:45am- no line, we take our time looking at the menu options as there are over 20 sandwiches to choose from, with no pressure of anyone huffing behind us and then take the best seats in the house, at the front, where we can people watch King street pedestrians.

The lunch rush usually starts trickling in around 12 onwards and a line forms the length of the restaurant to the door. Once they take down your order, there is still an annoying wait time where you wait aimlessly especially if you're only taking out - as you're just standing around trying not to stare at people as they eat, waiting for your name to be called out and hoping no one else has the same name. I guess the good news here is that they make your sandwich from scratch.
I order the Rowe Farms Roast Beef complete with mayo and sauerkraut, Chris had the tuna melt. We split an order of the fries and for dessert we had their home made carrot cake with creme cheese icing. Our sandwiches were piled high inside with our respective fillings like thin slices of medium rare roast beef or tuna on thick slices of whole wheat. The bread was cut crazy-thick and crusty which I didn't love particularly. I thought the fries were done well - with enough saltiness and crunch to them. They came with homemade ketchup which was sweet and sort of salsa like and a homemade mayonaised based aioli with a slight kick. Our dessert was very good!
The good things about this place are as follows - it's open 24 hours!!! The prices are reasonable!! There's lots of variety so you can come back to try more (which is my plan- i would love to try the duck confit tortilla) and they make their poutine with REAL cheese curds, which again will be something to look forward to on another trip back.

Reggies Old Fashion Sandwiches, 571 King St. W - King and Portland
*** (out of 5)

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  1. Sounds like a good place to hit up around 3am after the bar/clubs. That is, if I still went to those :P

  2. I would love to grab some sandwiches at reggies. And about 20 sandwiches to choose from makes me go yum yum...