Cinco del Mayo!

According to Wikipedia, this holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. However globally Cinco de Mayo is recognized as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride so to commemorate this day, my friend Steve and I make a fiesta of food!
We start off with one of my show stopping dishes - Mango and black bean salsa. I really shouldn't take 100% credit as this is really my former boss' Dawn's recipe and I have taken it as mine when she's not around :). I have altered it by putting in avocados and tomatoes adding colour and texture but the basics are in there. Mangos, black beans, red onion, cumin, and of course jalepeno peppers!
While I am busy prepping and chopping these ingredients, Steve is battering our fresh Tilapia fish for the deep fryer. He's also prepping the sides such as a home made white sauce, shredded cabbage and our corn tortillas.
We also make a delicious white sangria as our drink of choice for the evening to get further in the spirit of all things Mexican.
As we organize ourselves at the table - there's a method to the fish taco experience and a certain procedure to follow:
1. Corn torilla in hand
2. Salsa is spread
3. Perfectly battered melt in your mouth fish is placed on the salsa
4. White sauce is put on top
5. Hot sauce - we had a variety to chose at the table from Thai sweet chili sauce to this amazing Costa Rican hot sauce that was meant for fish tacos - this was truly the winner
6. Shredded cabbage
The outcome was that this was definitely an incredible dinner and we stuffed ourselves silly. When we thought we were full - we would still go back for more as they were THAT good.
Amazing night- Go Team Baja!

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