Brunch is a very important meal in Montreal and Cafeteria is an old-time favourite of ours and what's amazing is that it hasn't changed since the 9 years away from Montreal. The decor is the same, bottomless coffee is great and brunch is done well. We did order mimosas which came in big margarita glasses rimmed with sugar. I thought this was odd at first but the sugar really works well with the brutness of the champagne...
The bartender ended up serving us little shots of mimosas afterwards so we were getting quite toasty during our brunch and ramping up for a huge day of shopping. The brunches all get served with fruit, potatoes and you can always choose from the classic eggs, bacon and sausage, egg bennys and different omlettes. This is always a good staple in Montreal to get to.
Cafeteria -3581 Boul St. Laurent, Montreal
*** stars (out of 5)

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