Veda's Choice at Mildred's Temple

My Big Sis and I tried brunch at the highly anticipated Mildred's Temple. We walked in and it's is a gorgeous open space that is very different from the original Mildred's Pearce. It definitely had with many more seats and a lounge waiting area (the new space boosts a 110 seat capacity whereas the old one had only 65 seats). The furniture was creamy white leather and silver hanging lights making the space feel very clean and minimalist. The unisex bathrooms are a conversation piece as they are hidden near the front of the restaurant without a sign and have closed stalls with sinks in them so you can really have some privacy.

I have actually also tried lunch here and the big hit with me was the handmade ricotta gnudi which comes in a creamy sauce- the sauce is very tasty and the gnudi feel like light puff balls that melt in your mouth accompanied with mushrooms, edamame beans and some fatty panchetta.
The classic Mildred Burger is a great value as it's a huge portion cooked to the right tenderness and served with perfectly seasoned and salty french fries.
As of July 29th 2009 - Mildred has started to offer the 'quickie' which consists of the soup and sandwich of the day along with a dessert. Today it was corn chowder with a hit of chili oil - very velvety smooth soup with a packed punch. Delicious. Our sandwich was a ham and aged cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and grandma's mustard served on a crispy foccatia- very good. The spicy dijon worked well with the ham and the sweetness of the onions really added to the entire sandwichie experience. Our dessert was a pecan tart- who could go wrong when it's only $15!
Now the brunch - the old Mildred Pearce was a regular spot for brunch and Temple didn't disappoint!
Firstly we didn't have to wait so long to get a table even though there seemed to be a lot of people waiting which is a change from the old Mildred when you would wait over an hour to sit down.
Here is a sampling of what we had-

We started off with a mimosa and an order of the black currant scones (2 come in an order) served with chunky pieces of plum and peppercorn preserves and whipped butter. These scones were simply exquisite! They were buttery, and flaky and creamy all in one bite- so delicious.

The service was very friendly and our entrees drinks, appetizers and entrees were served fast.
I ordered the classic -which is Veda's Choice. It comes with 2 perfectly poached eggs on a flaky croissant layered with smoked salmon and Béarnaise sauce. In addition to that were oven roasted red-skinned potatoes which were soft but having the skin on it made it texturey and this was a perfect brunch meal.

My Sis ordered the Huevos Monty, which is a baked tortilla sandwich topped with 2 perfectly sized sunny side up eggs that resembled eyes starting at you and was layered with refried black beans, home made salsa, guacamole, cheese and crème fraîche. The presentation of this dish was nice and fresh.
We enjoyed our meal and then sat for a little bit and although the restaurant was busy and there were people waiting for tables- we didn't feel like we had to rush to pay our bill and leave. The servers were not hovering over our tables, they just came to refill our waters or coffees and courteously let us take our time.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen- 85 Hanna Avenue, Suite 1
*** stars (out of 5)

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