Red Tea Box- a perfect date place

When you walk by this place- there are delicate cakes and a wide selection of teas in the storefront and it's a cute shop however this place is the PERFECT place to catch up with friends or to go on a date. It's quaint, intimate and very unique. There is coach house behind the shop for additional seating and when the weather is warm - the terrace area is picturesque too.
You can have brunch or lunch here but the highlight is the high tea which is between 11am-2pm on week days and 2-4pm on weekends. These high tea settings are served in japanese bento boxes and are a variety of pan asian delicacies.

I've been here once for the high tea and it was quite an experience to remember with the amazing and innovative treats to the dessert bento box which was luxurous. I recently went for brunch and we shared pots of tea including the white peony and the jade dragon green tea - each were $8.00/pot and were light and subtle in their flavours but i felt like i was cleansing myself and they were served in these chinese tea pots which brought me back to my childhood. The tea was served with shortbread bisquits which of course was a very nice and thoughtful touch to the service.

I started with a trio of soups - which were green pea, red lentil and some wal-nut flavoured one - each were very distinct in their flavours in their little tasting bowls and I thought it was a very good appetizer.
Then i tried the Asian pulled pork sandwich. The pork was marinated in a sweet teriyaki glaze and it was really delicious!! Sandwiched between multigrained bread- it was very impressive!

Ok the downside to this place is that technically, Red Tea Box isn't a restaurant. Reservations are not accepted and there are less than 10 tables in this place and they are scattered through this beautiful place. However, if you make the high tea service or regular lunch - this place is just outstanding and worth waiting around for..
The other thing is the owners will run out and stop you from taking a picture of their cakes and pastries out front- if you are able to do so - please send them over to me!
Red Tea Box-696 Queen West, Queen and Euclid
**** stars (out of 5)

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  1. Sounds like a hidden gem...thanks for the info JV!!

  2. Hi...
    I have been to The Red Tea Box. It is an amazing place to hang out with friends. The tea here is exclusive. The jade dragon green tea is an unique tea here. Also the Asian pulled pork sandwich is very spicy and delicious.