Spicy Route

We used a dinner out with colleagues as an excuse to check out Spice Route. We were curious what the food was like behind the pretencious oak doors and burning torches outside. While the decor is very impressive- it reminds me of a Tao inspired place (read my previous blog), the food is just mediocre.

The ladies started the evening out with cocktails- my colleague had a very stiff saketini while i started the evening with a red dragon martini which was a red alize, grapefruit and vodka concoction. My drink was very fruity and sweet and one was enough for me as I switched to red vino afterwards. Our colleague wanted a Grey Goose and soda but Spice Route only serves Belvedere vodka so that's what he had.

Ok so the evening started off with a couple of sweet buns for the table. They were doughy and came with a sweet potato puree which was the highlight. We also ordered the kobe beef carpaccio which was very light and a good appetizer. It came with some taro chips and soy sauce. I really didn't think we needed the soy as the beef was good on it's own.

We asked our server to recommend some dishes and he suggested the Kung Pao chicken. Growing up in a Chinese household- I would never go to a restaurant and order it on my own but because the server recommended it - we figured it would be a good dish. I really can't tell you about the flavours of the dish because it set my mouth on fire. It was SPICY!! and not the spicy that you enjoy- it was the kind that sets your throat, lips and mouth on fire and prevents you from tasting anything b/c all you can feel is heat! The thing is- i am part Szuchan so I love spicy but this was uncomfortable spicy! On top of that- we ordered the mongolian beef which was also packed with chilli peppers however the spice here wasn't too overpowering but I was spiced out by then to enjoy this dish. We also ordered the black cod with miso - this was very yummy and light. It came on a bed of udon noodles which was a good compliment.

The best part of the night came when dessert was served- we ordered tempura bananas which were amazing. They were like mini banana fritters and it was served with a vanilla ice cream - delicious. We also got a big cheesecake lollipop which we just split into 3 portions -it was crusted with peanuts and coconut. After a spicy dinner - this was a good way to end the evening.

I would say this place is more for the scene than it is for it's cuisine!

Spice Route- 499 King Street West
King and Brant Street
*** stars (out of 5)

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