Speakeasys in NYC!

I find Speakeasys fascinating in New York city and I do my best to hit one up when I'm there. I've been to La Esquina- which above ground remains to be a kitchy retro taco diner but if you are in the know and have reservations - they lead you down the stairs through the kitchen and along a hall and lo and behold through a set of doors is a beautiful Spanish restaurant in the basement. The dining experience was amazing but of course it was the novelty was that we were eating in a hidden restaurant in New York City that made it especially memorable!

When I was in New York last week I visited Employees Only, which was identified by a psychic sign outside. As you walk in, you are confronted with a tarot card reader and a doorman who directs you through a velvet curtain and voila! another bustling NYC speakeasy. This place was packed on a Sunday night and seemed like a lively place to hang out in the West Village. I was greeted by a mariachi man all decked out in a funny hat and moustash- he led us to our table. The drink menu was long and I felt like I did try a variety of their drinks- from what i remember - their ginger smash was a pleasant surprise- if you enjoy the taste of ginger which i do, the bellini was delicious and the ameilia (a blend of Vodka and Elderflower Liqueur shaken with Pureed Blackberries & Fresh Lemon Juice) was a favourite of mine throughout the evening!

Ok - My friend Chris and I started with the cheese plate- it was delicious with it's candied and honey glazed nuts, olives and 3 types of sharp, smooth and goats milk cheese served with herbed flatbread.

My friend Dave started with the potato gnocchi - it was creamy and fluffy and a great way to start your dinner.
For our mains, I decided on the steak tartare- which is A MUST HAVE - as they actually prepare it to your taste at the table - i had the mariachi man whip the steak and egg for me with the blend of spices and chalots - it was perfectly seasoned and I loved the preparation of it!

Chris had the rib eye which was enough to feed the entire table and then some- the portion was huge and Dave had the elk which was tender and juicy and the perfect compliment to his gnocchi.

Of course we had dessert- we shared scoops of creamy turkish coffee and vanilla gelato - they were homemade and very decadent and the milk chocolate cheesecake - which came with caramelized bananas - which were outstanding!!!
This was such a fun place to start my trip off for the drinks, the food, the crowd and of course the uniqueness of the entire night! What more can i ask for in the Big Apple really!?
Employees Only - 510 Hudson St btw Christopher and 10th
***** stars (out of 5)

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