Tao- the NY 'way'

Tao has been a long standing favourite place of mine in NYC with it's gigantic Buddha statue as made famous by an episode of Sex in the City and the chinese characters on the ceiling which I used as inspiration for my own house (instead i got a floor to ceiling wall tattoo of a magnolia flower= beauty, and butterfly = longevity).
This is a great place for people watching and has a very inventive menu for asian fusion.

I always get the Tao shabbu shabbu- (shabbu shabbu is chinese hot pot - where you are served raw items and cook them in the broth to your preference). We had kobe beef which we cooked in this savoury ginger scallion broth and served with wasabi dipping sauce. This was outstanding.

The other memorable item was our dessert platter- it came with a GIANT fortune cookie which had very hilarious and some racy fortunes which we had a good laugh about. The inside of the fortune cookie was filled with decadent chocolate and white chocolate moouse. There was also a moltan choclate cake, a series of mango, green tea and coconut ice cream, exotic fruits like lychee and kumquats and generous helping of apple pie.

I adore his place and think it's fabulous even though its been around for a few years and needless to say that we were all stuffed by the time we were leaving!!

Tao- 42 E 58th St at Madison
*** stars (out of 5)

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