Guacamole made fresh at your table!

The novelty of Chimichangas is that they will come and make you fresh guacamole at your table and it's in my local hood so I tend to come here for my Mexicana fix. It's definitely a sight to have someone carve the avacados, pit them and then spice it with onions, tomatoes, jalepeno peppers and mash it all up in a motar and pestle.

They also make their sangria spiked STRONGLY with tequila and it goes down soo well! We had a pitcher of the regular sangria made with red wine and then tried the White sangria as well .. which i adored.

The burritos here are huge so don't order too many appetizers or have a hearty lunch as they are definitely a meal in itself. My friend Lisa loves the San Fran burrito which is loaded with ground beef. I like the NewYorkan Chicken burrito.
I have tried the chorizo which is not bad, their cerviche is okay and definitely has a kick to it but it's not always available.
Anyway the owner and service are very friendly and it's usually fairly busy. I actually think the Yonge and Eglinton hood needed a place like this - it's between a gourmet Mexican food restaurant and a tex-mex joint - has a comfy casual feeling which is great and it keeps me coming back. I have been a huge fan of this restaurant since the week of it's openning 2 years ago and will continue to come here for my guacamole and sangria fix!
Chimichanga- 2360 Yonge Street - Yonge and Eglinton

*** stars (out of 5)
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  1. love this place too! love the food and always get a good feel when i've gone there....hmmmm time to pay a little visit i think.

  2. I love this place. The service was really friendly. I haven't been in awhile though!