Ohh la la - le Petit Castor

There's been a lot of buzz going around about this 'eager beaver' since it's openning a few months ago in the Rosedale area and I can say with confidence that this is a crowd pleaser for me. I really liked this place from the time I walked in- from it's cozy interior all decked out with antlers, wooden snowshoes and tennis rackets and hustle and bustle atmosphere. This is definitley a place to see or be seen! If you are dining - a reservation is definitely recommended as it as even crowded on a quiet Tuesday night!

There are booths in the front and then seating in the back; in the back, the banquettes all have big pillows on them so you're quite squished in with not too much room to move about and you really feel packed in together but people keep rolling in and the atmosphere is lively as all tables are full. I heard they recently changed the menu due to bad reviews which is always a good thing to hear as it's nice to know the owners are open to feedback.

As I walked in, I was overwhelmed with the service- I was led to my table, my coat was taken, water was poured, bread was served, someone fixed the wobbliness of the table and ensured my table was well lit - all diferent servers did this and this is all before my friend arrived. What i observed is that the service staff is mainly young females with the exception of one guy.

Of course when i saw poutine on the menu - i needed to order it - so I ordered the Lobster poutine for my main course with a champagne cocktail. My friend ordered the sea bass which she thought was really delicious. Our plates came out faster than our drinks ordered but i accepted that the bar was super busy. My poutine was a bit on the salty side and I was disappointed with the lack of Lobster in my poutine.. there were 2 small chunks on the dish.

Regardless of this- i really enjoyed this place perhaps as more of a hangout than a dining experience. I would definitely come back for cocktails, snacks or late night digs.
Le Petit Castor- 1118 Yonge Street
Yonge and MacPherson

*** stars(out of 5)

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