Toshi toshi toshiiii!

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants NOT specificially for the typical sushi and sashimi fare is in the King West area next to a strip club. It's a small, non discript place called Toshi Sushi and it's amazing for good Japanese cuisine!
The atmosphere to this place is fairly close to a traditional Japanese isakaya - which is a Japanese drinking establishment that serves food. And the great thing is that all the servers and the chefs are Japanese!

Ok my recommendations are the following:
- the Eggplant with miso - this is so light and sweet... a really good way to start your meal
- the button mushrooms in butter sauce- they melt in your mouth and are so flavourful- simply delicious
- the tuna tartare- this dish is beautiful with a pinwheel of tuna tartare in a glaze and crispy onions which are such a good addition to the dish
- chicken katsu- this is a breaded chicken dish with traditional panko flakes- it's flavourful and crunchy and is a great main
- the butterfish sashimi- the selection of fish at Toshi is one of the freshest and best in the city - the butterfish is cut perfectly and just melts in your mouth - it's SOOO good
And of course la piece de resistance are the foie gras nigiri - which is delicious - they are so rich, and buttery and truly the most unique nigiri i've had.
Whether it's for lunch, dinner or a late night snack - this is one of my fav places in town!

Toshi Sushi- 565 King Street West, King and Portland
**** stars (out of 5)

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