Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Today is Chinese New Year celebrating the year of the Ox! MOO! (or whatever sound an Ox should make!) It is believed that cleaning on this day will sweep away all your good luck and karma so put away your dustpans and brooms!!
As a tradition in my family - we always have a big reunion dinner with extended family on Chinese New Year's eve however being a product of divorced parents- i had 2 dinners to balance out last night so as a result I had a fully belly and couldn't sleep last night! But they were delicious!

It's important to eat fish on New Year's eve as the pronouciation of fish (yu) means surpluses. Other things that are important to have are: uncut noodles which symbolize long life and longevity, mandarin oranges symbolizing gold coins and fortune and fat choy (which literally means properity) and it's black hair like algae.

During my dinners, we also had delicious bbq and crispy skin pork with jellyfish (that look like rubber bands) - the Jellyfish is my favourite as it has kind of a rubbery texture, we also had delicious chicken, lobster and my family had sharksfin soup. I actually refuse to eat sharkfin soup as I think it's horrible what's going on with sharkfinning in general - for those who haven't seen the documentary Sharkwater- go see it and get educated! 90% of the world's shark population has disappeared!
I know my family gets upset with me when i don't eat it as it's a source of pride for them and i am shaming them!

Another thing for me to look forward to during Chinese New Year is all the red pockets (Lai see) you receive full of lucky money. Only singles who don't have children receive them which is amazing! They represent good luck and supposed to protect you from evil spirits. It's great if you need extra pocket money .. i'm going to hell for saying that!
Anyway wishing you all happiness, prosperity and health for this new year!

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