mmm Foxley!

One of my favourite restaurants in the city is Foxley on Ossington.
It's an ideal place to take folks who have open appetites as there's a lot of delicious seafood dishes as well as meat dishes where they use many different cuts - such as the heart and cheek. So this is not a place you would take someone who has a weak stomach or is a picky eater!

Here are a couple of things I must have whenever i go:
Blue Crab and avocado salad - it's served in half an avocado but it's simple and delicious. It has little crunchy bits like panko mixed in it
The following three need to be served with an order of rice:
The Black Cod - it's served in aluminum foil that they open up at your table and the aromas from the broth are just to die for. The broth comes with baby bok choy which is a favourite of mine and the cod just melts in your mouth
The Duck - it's soo tender and the sauce is sweet as it's a port reduction
The beef cheek in red curry- the cheek is a very tender part of the cow and it really just melts in your mouth and the curry is so good.
These are items that are crowd pleasers as well:
The lamb and prosciutto dumplings- 5 come in one order ...
The sea bream cerviche with yuzu and shiso leaf- the best cerviche on the menu
The Cornish hen- not too gamey, just the right amount of meat that's tender
The beef ribs- they are correctly spiced with a delicious sweet sauce and they are very tender.
The frogs legs - the portions are surprisingly big. Actually I can't even imagine seeing a frog with such long legs but there they are on a plate with some szcheuan spices
A few wise words:
This restaurant is meant for sharing as the portion sizes are served in tapas format so don't expect a HUGE meal.
Another thing is that this restaurant is small and doesn't take reservations. They take your cell phone number and the number of guests you want for dinner and then will call you when your table is ready. What i like to do is go earlier to give my name and number and then go across the street to either Reposado ( a tequila sipping bar), The Communists Daughter to drink a bottle or two of Boris, or Levack Block which is another favourite spot of mine (watch your coat though - as they don't have a coat check and i got my winter jacket stolen from there!!)
Happy Eating!
Foxley- 207 Ossington Avenue
Ossington and Dundas

**** 1/2stars (out of 5)

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  1. Thanks for the info madamoiselle Vong!! Great description of this place...I'm tempted to go...maybe I can check out the Communists Daughter while I wait for a table (I hear she's a Romanian Gymnast from Transylvania of all places!).