Enjoying food porn at Jamie Kennedy's

Last week, an old friend of mine took me out to Jamie Kennedy and we sat at the chef's table and enjoyed different wine pairings to our cuisine- it was SPECTACULAR. I would always recommend sitting and watching the chefs in action - i call it live food porn- which the chef took as the best compliment of his life- I think he was slightly exaggerating but I'll take it! The use of local vegetables such as purple potatoes, watermelon radishes and beets were incredible. The colour of these veggies were a conversation piece in itself!

We tried the poutine - I know JK is famous for their poutine so it was a MUST try however I was slightly disappointed- they used grated cheese for one thing on it and it wasn't the best poot i've had. I would definitely recommend the entrecote of beef- the sauce is to die for- i wanted to take the plate and drink from it after but I knew it would be inappropriate so i left it. The tuna was outstanding as well and we were so lucky to get some duck confit. Our server told us they were sold out of the duck however our chef was a super star and found some duck for us to eat!
Since we had selected the 3oz glasses, we were able to pair different wines with our meal- The Syrah was full and delicious and there was a white blend that i was a huge fan of as well. We left a Mexican 100 peso for the wall and it's being displayed there now!
Thank you Pete for such a lovely dinner and a great night!

Jamie Kennedy,
9 Church St,
Church and Front

**** stars (out of 5)

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