Amazing Organic Raw food- Live it up!

Organic and Raw foods seem to scare some people as they may have an impression that it's too healthy, tasteless, uncooked and cold. My biggest pet peeve is people who knock things before they try it! Raw food means that no ingredients are heated to over 116F (I think). Food should only be processed by your body.
So when my friend Jen suggested we try Live Organic Food bar, I was totally up for trying a new and healthy experience and I have to say that this place is a GEM! It's sooo good. Nothing like that Sex in the City episode where Samantha goes to tolerate the raw food to get the Absolute Hunk.

The bathroom walls even have inspirational sayings such as " Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged just like people." - Elizabeth Berry, which really prompted me to think carefully about what goes in your body. I also learned what things like quinoa, tempeh, arame and burdock root were and I felt good about my food choices there.
Anyway more about the restaurant experience; the menu has a lot of great options but even though it's a vegan raw resto, not everything on their menu is uncooked or cold.
I mean they have items like Mac N Cheese, Lasagna, Pasta of the day and soft shelled tacos and each are unique and delicious but they are served at room temperature.
There are also these delicious bowls that are heated or come with soup/broth that are amazing.
My favourite is the Rejuvenation bowl which comes with sides of their home made kimchi and miso! Also the portions are big so you will have a hearty meal there!
So I encourage you to at least try this restaurant and to LIVE it up!
Live Organic Food bar- 264 Dupont Street at Spadina

**** stars (out of 5)

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