Julies Cuban- off the beaten track

I love Julies Cuban because it's on a residential street filled with houses and it's like a little secret discovery when you come upon it. It's really charming and comfortable with it's checkerboard tablecloths and homey atmosphere. There's a wall of turquoise shelves filled with antique radios, classic boardgames, retro records, old books and photographs which makes me feel like I"m stepping in someone's home. Plus the service there is unpretentious, inviting and so gracious. In the summer, there's a little patio that you can enjoy people watching and the BEST mojitos in the city and a great place to take a date!

Whenever I take someone here, I ask if i can order for us all as I know the menu well and there are certain things I want to share with the table.
Julie's has a variety of delicious tapa dishes - with many different preparations of plantains - I love the tostones relenos with the picadillo on top- they are fried green plantain cups filled with ground beef in a Cuban red sauce and their Platino maduro frito- which are their sweet ripe plantains. They are my regulars!
I think their chorizo is the amazing - perfectly braised in red wine and spiced just right. The guacamole is well done, and a good way to start the meal off.

Their Frituras de Mais (corn fritters) are delectable. They are deep fried balls of corn served with sour cream -they won't weigh you down. Instead when you bite into them, they are light and fluffy in texture and taste!
The camerones con coco (coconut shrimp) are a great option too. One of the mains that I always order is the Ropa Vieja which is a very traditional dish you can find in Cuba. It's shredded beef that's been braised in red wine and tomato sauce. It's juicy and so tender. The dish comes with rice and beans - which is a great compliment and very good as well as some platino maduro frito, and a small portion of shredded carrots, cucumber and a tomato wedge.

It's the perfect place to go to feel warm and get some Cuban flavours in you!

Julie's Cuban- 202 Dovercourt Road
Dovercourt btw Queen and Dundas

**** 1/2 stars (out of 5)

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