Let Patio season begin with the Bier Markt

The Bier Markt on the esplanade has been a staple in Toronto for many years with it's extensive variety of beers they have to offer, live entertainment, jovial atmosphere and best of all, a great patio to enjoy the great summer weather. 

There's so much beer to choose from that sometimes you don't know where to begin so I take cues from the signs around the resto and order their signature beer of the moment - the Hertog jan.  This is a Belgium ale that was good to sip on - dynamic in flavour and nutty in aroma.  The other summer favourite beverage to try was the Siegel Radler, a low calorie and fruity drink option.  Its a mixture of the Austrian Steigel ale with a sweet grapefruit soda.  It's a really light and refreshing drink.
One thing I always depend on at the Markt is getting a good "pot of moules" as they have many different selections of broths including the traditional garlic or tomato based options to 'a la snob' which comes with lobster creme, and thai which is served in red curry and coconut milk.  It's definitely an old faithful choice and easy one for me to make when I sit down to eat.  I get a pound of mussels in my favourite wine wine and garlic broth and of course their savoury market fries to polish the broth off with.  My girlfriend gets a salad, the grapefruit, argula and fennel  as her meal and the portions are huge, enough to absolutely fill her up.
I did eye the tower of oysters at the next table which looked very appetizing and a definite try next time.  They also had a Shellfish Festive menu on promotion until July created by Bier Markt Executive Chef, Michael Cipollo who designed each dish to offer restaurant patrons a fresh assortment of shellfish perfect for the patio, sharing and pairing with one of Bier Markt’s beers.
It was a really lovely evening out on the patio and look forward to more summer time fun here!

*** Stars
Bier Markt locations in the GTA including:
• 58 The Esplanade • 600 King St. West • 7 O’Neill Road (Shops at Don Mills)

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