Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

I have been reading review after review about this place so I took the opportunity while I was in North York to take my dad and my step mom to try this Toronto Life restaurant pick.  I wanted to know why it was considered so good and what the hype was all about. 
I have to say I completely thought I was going to a restaurant to experience a dish that I have never tried directly translated in chinese as 'smelly tofu'.  I totally thought this was the restaurant's specialty and I was puzzled as to why folks would be so enamoured over a dish that smelt like stinky feet.  

Well I was very wrong, this is a Korean restaurant, nothing chinese about it and there was no stench from the dreaded dish I was expecting.  It was also only a Monday night and early for dinner butit was jammed packed true to form with an interesting mix of folks from students to adults were waiting for their soon tofu fix.  
We are seated after waiting a few minutes as they seem to turn tables very efficiently here and the menu seemed basic - a few varieties of soon tofu in hot broths, Bimimbop and Bulgogi bowls. 
We order the combination bowl -which came with seafood, beef and tofu and the dumplings and soon tofu and you can adjust the spiciness level on each of your dishes.  Since I was eating with the folks - they prefer the mild stuff so we went easy with the spice.  Next time... 
First came the traditional korean side dishes "ban chan" - with bean sprouts, kimchi and pickled cabbage with whole eggs were brought to our table.  Then a few minutes later, our highly anticipated soon tofu dishes arrive in piping hot pots with the broths boiling over and stone bowls of purple rice.  We are asked to crack our eggs immediately into the broths so they can cook while it's still hot.  The server then scooped the rice out of the bowls to serve you and puts hot water in the stone bowls for the leftover rice which my dad loves - it's his favourite part- the caked rice in the pot for the texture and he says it's the best flavour too. 
The broth is delicious and the soon tofu is the highlight with it's delicate nature and reminds me ofthe texture of my favourite chinese tofu dessert.  The dishes are extremely good with all the different surprises we order in the broth of the combination - mussels, shrimp, and beef.  I really enjoyed the dumplings too.
The purple rice is a good addition to cleanse palette after you finish the hot broth or to mix the broth in it - which is what i do because I love the soup and rice combo. 
Those who are regulars at this place have unhatched the secret of very affordable food - all broths were under $10 served with purple rice, side dishes and free tea and it's delicious!  Also the service as mentioned is very efficient so it's a quick bite and truly authentic! 
**** stars
Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu
445 Yonge St (north of Byng)
North York, ON 
(647) 430-7458

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  1. haha, stinky tofu in chinese? lol. hilarious! will check it out too, thnks~ :)