Memories from the Oz

Observations in Australia: 
"How you going mate?"  When I was approached with this question several times during my travels in Australia, my immediate reaction was to say - i'm going with my feet or i'm going by car... It's the Aussies way of saying How are you doing/ How's it going?

Flat Whites/ Long black- these are your coffee orders.  They won't understand lattes, americanos, espressos... flat white was my drink of choice - a latte; long black- americano; short black - espresso

Vegemite: I thought it looked like nutella BUT NO! It's a grainy, salty and slightly bitter spread that the Aussie's love to put on toast in the mornings! I just don't get!

Everything is abbreviated: 
Sunnies- sunglasses
boardies - boardshorts
mozziess - mosquitos

ute - small truck
avro- afternoon ????

Drop Bears- a few folks warned me about these bears that drop out of trees with sharp claws that would attack you while you are out bush walking.  I told my entire tour group to look out for them to only find out after the fact that they are entirely a myth!  Created from an ad campaign for rum, these fictional bears are to poke fun at dumb tourists like me!!!

Pies and Rolls -  I ate more pies and rolls here than I have ever eaten in my lifetime.  Their obsession for meat pies and sausage rolls are like mine for the hunt for poutine.  This is their comfort.  I do admit that I had the best pork and fennel sausage roll at Bourke Street Bakery.  This bakery is world famous and worth the trip if ever in Sydney.  Also we stopped at Harry's which is a landmark according to tour books for their pie - we had it topped with mushy peas and gravy .. not as gross as it sounds...

People just don't care to wear footwear in public places like train stations, sidewalks, the McDonalds (Mackkers).  I found it a bit unhygienic and gross to be walking in those spots without shoes... I guess i'm a conservative Canadian.

My personal favourite slang- BOGAN - (redneck).. it was dropped all over the place to reference a person's dress code, speech, places.... i love it

Regardless I had the time of my life while I was there!  I can't wait for another time when I can get out there again; an amazing place ....


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  2. This bakery is world famous and worth the trip if ever in Sydney. Also we stopped at Harry's which is a landmark according to tour books for their pie sunglasses

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