The Vong Choice's top 2011 picks

Wishing you all the very best with holiday cheer!  Here are my top foodie experiences and culinary adventures for 2011.  Bon Appetit and Bon annee!!

1. Diner En Blanc - Tues Sept 28th - a flash mod dining experience that was out of this world DEB 2011 official video

2. Iron cupcake judging at For the Love of Cakes- secret ingredient was nuts- and the competition was fierce - Iron Cupcake competition blog

3. My favourite bit of this year was at Acadia - Anson Mills grits and shrimp was delicious - i dream of this! Acadia Blog

4. Discovering Culninaria - a place to eat in Mississauga - http://bit.ly/s46BN4

5. Blind Steak Tasting -dry aged vs. wet aged steak - hosted by Jamestown Butchers and the lovely Joel Solish Steak Challenge blog

6.  My favourite appetizers for the year are from Campagnolo - the burrata and roasted grapes and shaved prosciutto are insanely delicious Campagnolo birthday blog

7. New neighborhood gems - My Kensington find was Agave y Agucante and their Tostada Tingas mmmm! ; And the monster buns which is a secret menu item at 416snackbar

8. My thai fix - Khoa San Road for everything from their house made street style pad thai to their delicious soupy pad sew, curries and special dishes- KSR blog

9. Special Czheoski tasting menu with house made marshmallows that spelt out 'VONG' - very special! -  Czheoski's tasting

10 And of course, going back to my roots - new poutine discoveries -Stampede- bison and poutine in the west end http://bit.ly/m0EDIo ; Poutine layered birthday cake from Poutinis Birthday blog with poutine cake; and Bannock for their duck poutine pizza

Honorable mentions: Parts and Labour for their bone marrow appetizer; Royal Meats - one of the best burgers in town; Crepes a Go Go for their signature and house made drink - Limonana; Udupi Palace for their dosas; and L.A.B for their potato croquettes

Il faut manger pour vivre, non vivre pour manger... until next year!


  1. Looks like you had a great year, with LOTS of food! May 2012 bring you even more good times and food! :D

  2. Great list Jac! I've been hearing a LOT of buzz about Agave y Agucante. Thanks for the advance review. I'm excited to test it out!

  3. It's pretty flattering that you put Diner en Blanc at the top of your list. It was indeed a fun and beautiful event.
    It was amazing to see all of Toronto's Foodies come out and enjoy an evening in White.

    I can say that we are busy planning another Diner en Blanc in August of 2012. It will be Toronto's first OFFICIAL Diner en Blanc. Promise, bigger, better and even more fun. Hope to see you there!

    Diner en Blanc Toronto