A taste of Quebec

Inside one of my favourite gallery spaces - the Thompson Landry gallery, is a Taste of Quebec boutique deli specializing in gourmet cheeses and decadent spreads like tartinade and confiture artfully placed around the rustic front room.
The front room is split in 2 places - where a small preparation area is and the retail space is the other half featuring all the finest cheeses.

Thom Sokoloski works behind the counter carefully crafting all the food as people order and engaging folks to enjoy his Quebecois interpretations of dishes.
We immediately go to see what there is to offer at the prep area and as you can guess, it was all things highlighting cheese. As cheese is my weakness, we indulge in it especially because I see authentic poutine on the menu. Quebecois know how to do their poutine and I must try!
We order a grilled cheese which is comes out as a baguette cut in half with melted rich and gooey cheese. It is certainly decadent. However we keep ordering as we are hungry for lunch - and we try their mac and cheeese. It comes out in a small cup shaped container with pasta noodles topped with a very creamy cheese sauce similar to an alfredo however it truly lacked any flavour.  This was a bit disappointing because it was such a pretty dish and just needed salt.
The poutine - also presented in a small cup was made with roasted yukon gold potatoes, topped with a very flavourful gravy that you can taste and smell the influences of wine in topped with some authentic Quebecois cheese.  The portion was small but had felt heavy.
It's a very cute place and while we were waiting for our food, we had the chance to wander the gallery space.
I would definitely come back for the poutine but would grab lunch at the cafes near by.
** 1/2 stars
A Taste of Quebec
55 Mill St
Bldg 32
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4


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