Butter and Egg Road

Butter and Egg road is Ivy Ackerman's brainchild and it has been 5 years in the making.  The launch party in Toronto was located at 416 Snack Bar in my local of Queen West.  
The premise is to bring together locals and travellers alike through dining and cultural events to culminate the experience of being a local anywhere.
Scallop cerviche
There were about 30 people in this nice intimate gathering,  all with custom place settings with a small token from Butter and Egg road which were all travel themed items.  This included  a small moleskin book, a map of the location where the event was held, this one featured my hood of  Queen West with travel tips highlighting food, drink, fashion, art, beauty and design places to check out. 

scotch egg
Opening the event, Ivy was gracious and welcomed all of us.  You can see her happiness come through in her speech that her dream has finally been realized.  We were in the midst of the Toronto International Film Fest so fitting Butter and Egg road in with a cultural event is fitting and thus we were all privileged to screen a short film before our meal.

The meal featured the entire menu of 416 snack bar which I"ve only had a limited tasting of paired properly with drinks that would compliment each of the items.  416 snack bar is an entirely cutlery free establishment so I thought eating 10 dishes would be do-able since there were all bite sized dishes but by number 6, we were almost done!
Monster bun
The standout on the menu were definitely their monster bun which is on their secret menu .. it's an elevated pork bun with turnip/ carrots added in for texture, simply amazing!  We also loved their scotch bonnet deep fried egg, pastrami sandwich on pumpernickel and their churros dipped in hot chocolate!
One hilarious moment of the evening was one of my table companions when he proclaimed that he was starting to eat meat again as he's been a vegetarian and he's slowly been integrating meat into his diet.  This was around the time we were presented with a crostini of steak tartare.  Proudly he ate it and that was impressive.  Dave and Adrian, the proprietaries of this local spot saw our enthusiasm and decided to send him over an encore of steak tartare helping which poor Adrian, my table campanion had to gulp down a second time which he did not welcome as much.   Then came out mini cheese burgers and I think poor Adrian at this point was so carnivored out that he may have gagged a little bit when this plate was served in front of him.

Anyway a huge congratulations to Ivy on her amazing new venture... Next stops for Butter and Egg Road is NY!  Keep us posted!

Butter and Egg Road

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