Girl I want to make you sweat- Caribbean Food Fest

Possibly on the hottest day of the summer, a few of us go down for Scotiabank's Caribbean Carnival's food festival to try all the delicacies there were to be offered.  You know the song.. La la la la long... Sweat till we can't sweat no more...well that was us!

We had coconut water from fresh coconuts, roti, jerk chicken and rice and beans which I was expecting and very much looking forward to.  However there were 2 things that I had never tried:
Jamaican Peanut Punch - it was like you were drinking creamy peanut butter.  It was too rich for me to finish and didn't quench my thirst.  It was more like drinking a dessert.  Not my favourite drink but happy that I tried it.

The other thing which was a show stopper for me was the Carribean Corn soup.  It came piping hot to us and literally we were melting off our seats but it looked so good so I needed to try as soups are my comfort food.  It was hearty, creamy and packed with flavour and spice. Similiar to a split pea soup but with punch and tender corn on the cob which you have to eat when you finish the soup.  Soooo good.

The finale was a performance by the singer of "Who Let the Dogs Out" ... my boss and I got out of our seats and boogied to it.. woof woof woof woof!! She was so excited by it that she snuck backstage to get his autograph after the performance as it was her favourite song in university!!

What a day!

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